Since 2017 HSHBnB has participated in the production of five films.  Paris, TN has, since its founding, been a Center for the Arts in West Tennessee. We are excited to contribute to this legacy.

In early fall 2017 HSHBnB had no involvement with film. One afternoon the house phone rings. I answer it. The call is from a film production company from Nashville. They were seeking a BnB location for the filming of the final scenes of a film entitled Painted Horses. We said yes.

During that last weekend of filming there was a threat by the local executive producer to cancel everything; right now, that minute. Someone with an interest in seeing the film completed made a call. Perhaps the director Damian Fulton made that call. To this day I don't know who called.

 Mike Mai (officer Dobbins role), screenplay author, actor arrives overnight from LA and immediately makes some crew changes. Painted Horses is completed.

HSHBnB has been directly involved in film since 2017. The first was Painted Horses, based on the novel by the same name. Amazon Prime has it and HSHBnB was location only.

Until the Dawn was filmed here in 2020 as the Covid epidemic raged outside around us. We were filming, living, eating, sleeping, actually not getting much sleep, for the 30 days of filming.  When we started filming in early March 2020 we were working 24-7 it seemed. HSHBnB fulfilled it's role as a film location, lodging for cast and crew, and meals on demand 24-7. We provided transport back and forth to the airport as well as provided vehicles to the LA based production crew. We took a role as one of several producers on this film; very exciting for us.

Pastor Leon White of the Church in Paris sourced  equipment and cinematography expertise on all the films mentioned here. Special thanks is also given to Garry and Betsy Phillips who provided their beautiful farm, and their lovely Tennessee Walker horse Bella, aka stage name 'Ms Clair'This film is available for purchase to own or stream from Vimeo.  HSHBnB carried a producer role on this film

Blood River the Reckoning was filmed all around Puryear TN, at the Land Between the Lakes, and at Panther Bay in fall 2021. HSHBnB provided the base. This is a Civil War Reconstruction era film.  It should be known; the average citizen of the South in 1870 had no wealth and owned no slaves. The land grant cotton, timber, and the big plantation owners owned everything.  In many cases, due to the inaction of President Andrew Johnson who became President, after Lincoln was assassinated by white Christian Nationalist and failed actor John Wilkes Booth; much of this same power structure remains in place still today. For a more in-depth look at this time period in American history, I recommend a book by Eugene D Genovese... for most people of the South, life at this time was a struggle we cannot today imagine.  HSHBnB assumed a producer role on this film as well.

Back to Blood River... Johnny McDaniel starred as the aggrieved father in very difficult filming conditions.   The woods, and the heat, and the ticks, and the everything crawly out around Puryear, TN on the Boyd property, made filming a challenge for everyone. 

Mark Berg, owner of Blues Landing, here in Henry County, delivered a strong performance as Silas Randall, the most evil one in Blood River.

In the next film, Steadfast Country Christmas, Mark played the benevolent magical Santa.  Extraordinary range for Mark Berg. 

Steadfast Country Christmas was filmed in fall 2022 here in Paris, at Westfalia Farms, a beautiful 50 acre farm and event center here in Paris, as well at the Krider Performing Arts Center in Paris. Steadfast Country Christmas is a family story, uplifting, affirming, and kind. Again, where possible we used local everything when we could. This film was premiered at the Krider Performing Arts Center here in Paris several months ago. Our production company donated all proceeds from the Sold Out performance to the City of Paris. We are looking for public release in time for Christmas 2024 film season. Mark Berg plays a kind and benevolent Santa who magically spreads joy and blessings to all.   SCC is a family film with heart, humor, and wonderful original music performed by West Tennessee musician Johnny McDaniel who also carries a strong lead role in the film. Excellent work in all areas by Johnny McDaniel!  HSHBnB operated as a heavy lift producer here as well

Counter Punch was filmed here in June 2023 and is now in post production. This film is the story of a small-town,  retired police Chief and the corrupt local politicians who work to dishonor and destroy the positive influence the Chief has on the community. Again, local talent where possible. We were fortunate to cast Todd Bridges as Father Haley. HSHBnB house is used as Father Haley's Orphanage as well as sidewalks, gardens, porches, etc. HSHBnB as one of several producers here as well. 

Bala Boyd, local actor and university theater director, delivered a strong performance as a dangerous and corrupt detective. We believe we have a very exciting film. Plenty of action, a good love story, lots of kindness, good confronts evil, punch 'em in da' mouth... Johnny McDaniel stays strong throughout these last two films.

There may be one more film scheduled for filming here in Paris. The author was a teenager in Baltimore when the terrible abuse at the RoseWood Asylum became public knowledge. Several years ago they committed the experience and knowledge of RoseWood to a screenplay.  The film, Asylum will be a highly charged story of  events which took place in Maryland in the early 1900's throughout and  into the 2000's.

Due to scheduling and other conflicts, this effort may be deferred.  April is the busiest time of the year here. Till whenever production resumes, our focus is once again on the BnB and on local events and politics this year. We are eager to do quality lake time on SV Intrepid this spring well into Nov. We will sail, and swim, and fish, and eat, and generally be normal folks for a while  We wish everyone blue skies and fair winds.

As Joe Friday says... "just the facts m'am..."


So this completes the overview of the HSHBnB film experience here in Paris. So y'all come on down and visit... “...and in a week maybe two they'll make you a star...”  Regards and thanks to Mama Cass wherever she is; maybe in San Jose, CA not SJ Costa Rica..


P.S.  this recap is info material only. A catalog store is coming. We will feature original prints, art, writing, and food.  FUN!

Thank you !