HSHBnB Recommends

Hi folks, this HSHBnB Recommends page is a list of businesses and groups of local folks who have provided excellent food, or service of some sort, to me personally or to Home Sweet Home Bed and Breakfast.  The list will change and is only a reflection of our personal experiences...

Food and Restaurants....

We have many many good  restaurants here in Paris and the Lake Area.  Several are within easy walking distance.  One of us have eaten at every restaurant mentioned here and will do so again.  There are many other great restaurants and eateries here in Paris and the Lake Area... please just ask.


The Olive Pit

is a good Italian food restaurant; the food is big city tasty and plentiful. I don't think they take reservations. Located at 905 Mineral Wells Ave Paris, TN 38242 (Map & Directions) (731) 642-5030. You will have leftovers... You can put the leftovers in the fridge at HSHBnB. Don't forget your leftovers...Yummy!

El Antojo Mexican Grill

El Antojo is a new downtown Mexican food grill.  Within walking distance from HSHBnB.  This a family run business and I can attest to the quality and consistency, lunch or dinner. I  think they don't take reservations. Located at 105 S Brewer St.Paris, TN 38242 (Map & Directions) (731) 642-5030. Tell them we sent you.  Yummy!

The Golden Dragon

114 W Washintons St. Paris, TN 38242 731-644-3286. Another family run Paris restaurant... plentiful Chinese food on the downtown square.  Within walking distance from HSHBnB.  Great ToGo menu. This is another 'tell them we sent you...' place.  There will be leftovers.

We have several good Mexican food restaurants here in Paris as well as a new tacqueria.  Two of them are on Mineral Wells Ave. El Varquero is the older of the two and they are both excellent. At least one Mexican restaurant within walking distance.  Ask us about them...  lots of good food to be had here in Paris, somewhat partial to Mexican food...


El Vaquero

600 Spruce St, Paris,TN 38242 ... (731) 641-0404 (full bar)  Spruce St. is just off Mineral Wells Avenue. 



La Vallarta

1113 Mineral Wells Ave  Paris, TN 38242  (731) 642-3626 (full bar)


Big Ed's Burritos

on Mineral Wells Ave in the Kroger Center.  (731) 407-4000 1055 Mineral Wells Ave Paris, TN 38242  Big Ed's is the new tacqueria in town and the food is fresh and prepared to your order,  Nice to have a new lunch and dinner tacqueria in town.

Perry's Downtown BBQ & Catering

215 Ruff St, Paris,TN 38242 ... (731) 336-9608  ...  a great place for real BBQ within walking distance of HSHBnB.  Perry's has been a landmark downtown BBQ for several generations.  They do take out only and they are an easy walk from HSHBnB.


Prater's Tater Bar

1055 Mineral Wells Ave  Paris, TN 38242  Ste 16 (731) 642-7224.

Do not let the name discourage you.  If you like an occasional baked potato piled high with fillings, stuffings, meat, cheeses, vegetables, most anything you can imagine can be added.  Have no doubt their serving will be a full meal.  You will probably have some leftovers to make a nice next meal microwave dish as well.  Praters Taters is definitely worth a try.


Miso Japanese Restaurant

Miso Japanese Restaurant is located at 915 Mineral Wells Ave.   (731) 407-6030  Surprisingly good Japanese food in a pleasant environment.  Lunch and dinner is available and is always well prepared and well served.  You can check out their menu on the link below.  This is a regular choice for us here at HSHBnB.  Their steaks are a real treat... can't beat the Bento Box either...


Meo Mio

is approximately 12mi from Paris east toward the lake on Hwy 79. A rockin' deep south and cajun food restaurant; the food here is very good and plentiful. Don't forget your leftovers, you will have some. Try at of least one order of the shrimp grits.  Thursday through Saturday nights can be busy but worth a possible short wait. (full bar).


Fresh Market

is located on E Wood St approximately 4 miles from the square east on Hwy 79. A great family style restaurant. Full menu with something for everyone. A well served salad bar compliments the menu. Well known and busy with locals but hardly ever a wait.


Tom’s Pizza & Steak House

is also located on E Wood St approximately 3-4 miles from the square east on Hwy 79. Another great family style restaurant. Good food well served and friendly staff. (full bar)

Uncle Billy's Downtown

Uncle Billy's Downtown Eatery is just off the square less than a four block walk from HSH.  Their hours are limited so check before you plan on going here.  The owner-chef and family run this popular downtown lunch spot   I go there 3-4 times a month for a late lunch... "yes, with the potato salad please..."  Tell them we sent you...

Take Me Back 1950's Cafe

Take Me Back is walking distance from HSH, 2 blocks east on Wood St. A great lunch or dinner choice. very popular with the locals, stylized to a 50's theme. Try the BBQ salad with lots of sauce.


Old West Steakhouse

Old West Steakhouse is also located on E Wood St. approximately 2 miles from the square east on Hwy 79. Another great local family run restaurant. Good and plentiful food well served and friendly staff. Old West also offers a full buffet lunch and dinner.

IMHO their buffet consistently has the best fried chicken in Paris, IMHO only of course.  Go during off hours if you can they get busy.  Say hell-o...

Art, Culture, and History...:

Lee Academy of the Arts

Lee Academy of the Arts is walking distance from HSH, 2 blocks north on College becomes Lee St.  There is always something going on here... classes, arts, dance, ceramics.  Lee Academy has been a center of learning and art for many many decades here in Paris... see View Info for schedules and more detail...

Henry County Heritage Center

614 N Poplar St. Paris, TN 38242... The Heritage Center, AKA Cavitt Place, is about a 6 block wall from HSHBnB... HCHC is a living history house encompassing much of the history of Paris and of Henry County... take a visit to this extraordinary house and see how good it was.  Ask for Suzy, tell them we sent you.......

Krieder Performing Arts Center

The Krieder Performing Arts Center ,650 Volunteer Dr. Paris, TN 38242, hosts the majority of the performing arts, concerts, and award ceremonies, and some graduations.  This is an impressive facility visually, architecturally, and acoustically.  If you have an opportunity to attend an event at KPAC please do... check out their web site below for details...

More to follow:


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